I Comrade

I Comrade

In my teens I was hungry, insatiable

A temptress and a witch.

In my twenties I wore diamonds, feathers

Ate men for breakfast

Chicks for snacks

I smoked Sobranie Blacks

I was a bitch

So my thirties, did not start too well

In a nutshell, some say I fell

But I leapt full of chemicals

From that fucking pedestal,

Into the mill for a grinding

I’m fine now, pure cow

My forties, have been naughty

Very naughty but so nice

Now I’m radicalised, revolting

Yes sometimes saucy or crude

My bras are burned, I’m liberated

I clean the windows in the nude

A commie trollop some may say

I piss off fascists every day

My fifties, I hope will continue this way

My titillating, entertaining days are done and gone

The menopause begun

I’m too experienced to be your bit of fluff


My mind is more than enough

So be my comrades, be my friends

I just won’t be needing your pointy ends.

Comrade BJ Treglown

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