Low pay in south Dorset.

A campaign to address issues of low pay in south Dorset, especially Weymouth and Portland where it has been revealed as having one of the lowest weekly wage averages in England ( Office of National Statistics ) has received some telling comments by a Weymouth Borough councillor, James Farquhason, ( mailto:jamesfarquharson@weymouth.gov.uk ) in the Dorset Echo of Feb 1st 2018, quoted below.

“ The group has picked the right issue. However, it’s solutions would increase the cost of doing business I, making it unprofitable for ‘just about managing’ companies to carry on, driving them bankrupt and leading to all employees being let go. I imagine that’s not what they’re hoping to achieve…”

Draw your own conclusions from this statement, and you will guess which class and party Mr Farquhason represents.

Dorset Echo 31st Jan re the WeyPAW campaign

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