Dorset One World Festival 2018


 The One World Festival  will go ahead this year on Saturday 11th August 2018

The One World Festival started in 2009 by a group of friends of a Bangladeshi man who was racially abused in Dorchester.  Firmly of the belief that personal contact and understanding of different cultures through food, sport and other activities could reduce such incidents, he wanted the experience to lead to something positive.  A small group worked together to arrange the first One World Festival in Dorchester, bringing different cultures together through sport, food, music and dance.  Since then, the festival has taken place annually, from 2010 in Borough Gardens and has been attended by thousands of Dorset residents, and sometimes people from further afield,  who come together to appreciate and celebrate food, music, dance and arts from different cultures.

 The  Crowdfunding campaign has been launched and we hope that you will feel able to pledge money to continue the event and ensure it is free to members of the public on the day.  You can pledge here:

 If you love the festival, but are not able to attend the event on the day, you can support it by donating – all donations welcome however small or large, but you might consider donating what you would have spent to get there on the day, or what you might have spent on the day.
 If you donate and are attending, as part of our Crowdfunding campaign, all donations are welcome and you will be rewarded with a free coffee or soft drink on the day if you donate £10 or more.
 A very limited number of lucky businesses or people will have their slot on the programme for the day if they donate £100 or more!

If you support the Festival but are not able to donate for whatever reason, please share this with your contacts and people you know who support the celebration of diversity in Dorset. And if you would like to volunteer on the day, please email to let us know.

Due to its origin in a racist incident, it is essentially an anti-racism event. ( editor )