Britain First campaigning in Weymouth local elections.

UPDATE; It has been confirmed, via the official candidate list, that Britain First will not be standing. Local campaigners have felt that this with-drawl has been the result of counter leafleting and public concern.

Stand Up To Racism – Dorset

There has been great concern in Littlemoor ( in Weymouth and Portland borough ) about leaflets distributed by Britain First.
The leaflets ask for our vote in the local election. They don’t say
that Britain First is an organisation led by people convicted of
serious crimes. Last year its leading members were jailed for
harassment and abuse, and Facebook closed its online page for
carrying “hate speech”.
In 2016 MP Jo Cox was shot and fatally stabbed in Yorkshire.
As he murdered her, Jo’s killer Thomas Mair shouted: “Britain First”.
The Nazis of an earlier era blamed Jews for society’s ills: Britain First blames Muslims and other minorities.
Many Littlemoor residents – and people across South Dorset – are concerned about the presence of this divisive organisation. If you would like to find out more and discuss implications for our community please attend one of these meetings:
Monday March 25 at 1.30pm and 7.00pm
St Francis of Assisi Church, Merredin Close, Littlemoor

Divisive and violent …
Britain First has a long record of invading mosques and threatening Muslims. It’s this that encourages violence like the murder of 50 women, men and children at prayer in New Zealand – an abhorrent crime. Like the Nazis of old, Britain First sows suspicion and hatred.
Weymouth suffers from low wages, high prices, and continuous cuts to our hospitals and schools. This is the result of years of government “austerity”. But instead of putting the blame where it belongs the new Nazis target Muslims and migrants.
Where would we be without people from all over the world who provide the skills for our NHS? Doctors, nurses and other health workers play a vital role keeping us safe and well.
We say that they are welcome here.
Where is Britain First when we campaign in Weymouth against poverty wages and rogue
employers who won’t pay the National Minimum Wage? Where are they when we fight
against education cuts and to save Portland Community Hospital?
Britain First hasn’t been seen in these campaigns – BUT NOW it wants our votes and to
divide and weaken our communities. Please join us to discuss the issues at stake: there will be two meetings so that everyone has a chance to attend:
Monday 25 March, 1.30pm and 7pm – St Francis Church, Merredin Close, Littlemoor
Stand Up to Racism – Dorset. See us on Facebook; contact us at: