Communist Party statement on Cuba, Afghanistan etc

REJECT NEW COLD WAR AGAINST CUBA’ – BRITAIN’S COMMUNISTS – ‘The new Cold War against China and Russia is being widened in an effort to destabilise Cuba’, Communist Party chair Liz Payne told the party’s Political Committee on Wednesday evening (July 14).
She condemned calls in the US, including from Miami mayor Francis Suarez, for military intervention and slammed Western media coverage of recent protests in Cuba as ‘blatantly distorted’ and ‘wholly one-sided’.
Ms Payne pointed to the false portrayal of an enormous pro-revolutionary, pro-government May Day march in Havana in 2013 as an anti-communist, anti-government protest in July 2021. In another example, a pro-government rally last Sunday has been described by the Guardian, Fox News, the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Washington Times and Voice of America as a demonstration demanding the resignation of Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel and his regime.
The CP Political Committee noted that some far left groups in Britain such as the Socialist Workers Party have also rushed to express their support for counter-revolution in Cuba.
Liz Payne said the recent NATO summit confirmed that the new Cold War was underway with the full backing of the British government and the big business interests it represents. She specifically condemned the huge military build-up of imperialist forces over the past 18 months in the South China Sea.
The CP chair also spoke of the hidden agenda behind the alleged ‘withdrawal’ of US, British and other forces from Afghanistan.
‘This was no defeat for Western imperialism’, she insisted, ‘because it will put a reactionary Islamist regime in power on the border with Tajikistan – a member of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organisation – and very near to China’s Xinjiang autonomous region.
‘As well as creating another huge refugee crisis, a Taliban takeover would enable the stay-behind US and British special forces to help drive jihadi destabilisation into the republics of the former Soviet Union and across the border into western China’, Ms Payne added.
The CP political committee condemned the Conservative government’s decision – backed by MPs on Tuesday – to cut foreign aid at the same time as Britain’s nuclear arsenal and military budget are set to rise substantially. This decision comes on top of the withdrawal of £130m from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), a cut from which women across the globe will suffer the most.