Party Rules

The aim of the Communist Party is to achieve a socialist Britain in which the means of production, distribution and exchange will be socially owned and utilised in a planned way for the benefit of all.

This necessitates a revolutionary trans-formation of society, ending the existing capitalist system of exploitation and replacing it with a socialist society in which each will contribute according to ability and receive according to work done. Socialist society creates the conditions for the advance to a fully communist form of society in which each will receive according to need.

Only a socialist Britain co-operating with all other peoples of the world in close, friendly, free and equal association will be able to develop and plan the use of all Britain’s material, productive and scientific resources, that every citizen will be guaranteed security, the right to work and leisure, a steadily rising standard of living, full democratic rights, and equal opportunity to enjoy a full and happy life.

The Communist Party is guided by the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism and its members are united in working for the achievement of socialism. Believing that socialism can be attained only by the will and action of the majority of the people, led by the working class, the Party shall:

a. work to strengthen the organisation, political understanding and united action of the workers by hand and brain for the advancement of their standards and conditions in the struggle against capitalism, for the realisation of world peace and for the achievement of socialism;

b. work to maintain, defend and extend all democratic rights of organisation, demonstration, strike, public speech, press, assembly, secret ballot, representation in parliaments and local authorities and by developing the mass struggle on all the issues that concern the people and constantly spreading socialist ideas, work to achieve the unity of the working class and a democratic anti-monopoly alliance around the working class, so that such a united struggle is expressed in a parliamentary majority of Socialists and Communists pledged to a genuine socialist programme. Such a majority, based on the strength of working people, and on continuing struggles inside and outside parliament, can end the economic and political power of the capitalist class, establish the rule of working people and begin to build socialism;

c. work for the removal of all discrimination based on race, colour, sex or religion, sexual orientation, age and disability;

d. support the national liberation struggles of all neo-colonial people and recognise our special responsibility towards the liberation struggle of all peoples within the sphere of British imperialism;

e. co-operate with the peoples of all countries for the defence of peace, for national independence, for the advance of democratic rights and the improvement of social and economic conditions.

The Communist Party bases its international outlook on the common interests and aspirations of the working class in all countries, on international working class solidarity, and has fraternal relations with the Communist and Workers’ Parties of other countries for the victory of the common aims of the working class.

The achievement of these aims is not possible without a strong Communist Party and Young Communist League, conducting continuous activity and education, working closely with the people, knowing their views and needs, and able to express Communist policy and aims.

You can download the full rules below.

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