Plymouth Candidate at Education Question Time

Communist parliamentary candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, Laura-Jane Rossington, was met with applause after applause at a recent hustings on education policy.

The event at a college in Plymouth was organised by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) as part of their “Stand Up for Education” manifesto.

Answering questions on a wide range of subjects the Young Communist League Executive member proved herself against candidates from the Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties. While the other panellists were restrained by party policy and records in office Laura-Jane was able to bring clear and focussed class analysis to the fore.

Answering a question on teachers’ workload and workers’ rights Laura-Jane’s reply drew smiles from the other candidates and a chuckle from the audience. “I’m a communist. Do you even need me to answer this question? Of course I stand for workers’ rights”.

Speaking about free schools and academies the A-level student came out fighting. “The Communist Party thinks free schools and academies were a mistake. They open the education system up to privatisation and profit seeking education companies. We need to recapture and reinvigorate the spirit of a fully comprehensive education system”.

When challenged over the Communist Parties class-based analysis Laura-Jane was swift with her reply.

“If you lost your job tomorrow, how long would you survive without work? A few weeks? A month? Have you got a trust fund or money hidden in an offshore bank account? Then you are a member of the working class and I’m standing up for you”.

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