2015 General Election Manifesto

The Communist Party is standing candidates in this election, in order to:

  • Win support for mass struggle against austerity and privatisation.
  • Help find ways to place working class concerns at the centre of the election process and the working class at the centre of politics.
  • Argue that there needs to be a government that puts people before profit, peace before war and democracy before the European Union and NATO.

A big vote for the Communist Party candidates, and indeed the election of a group of Communist MPs, will enormously help build the struggle against austerity and be a strong signal that workers and their families demand a government committed to new domestic and foreign policies.

Whatever the outcome of the General Election – a Tory or a Labour victory, or a hung Parliament – there will need to be mass struggle to resist austerity and privatisation policies.

The Communist Party fights for socialism. We are fundamentally opposed to this immoral and bankrupt capitalist system which allows enormous wealth to be made by the few at the expense of the many.

Communist MPs would work full-time for their electors, supporting them in their struggles – and not taking any paid positions outside Parliament or embezzling non – incurred expenses while carrying out their political duties.

Our aim is to achieve a socialist Britain in which the major means of production, distribution and exchange will be socially owned, to be utilised in a democratic planned way for the benefit of all.

In our Manifesto, the Communist Party has put forward the policies that would advance the real interests of the working class and peoples of Britain.

It is a Manifesto for a real alternative to a Britain dominated by big business and the bankers. It is a Manifesto for a socialist Britain as part of the world-wide struggle for peace and progressive and sustainable change.

We are the real internationalists in this General Election, an integral part of the resurgent international communist movement whose aim is no less than the liberation of humanity.

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