Solidarity not Charity

 In light of the disgusting comments made by the leader of Austria’s ‘Freedom Party’ Norbert Hofer; here is a call to stand up against right-wing brutality and inhumanity.

Solidarity not Charity

Compassion is not pity

Solidarity not charity

We are humanity

Earth is our city

I am not better

This does not make me sick

Nor a terrorist sympathiser

Because I sympathise with others

Solidarity is not an enemy trick

I am not a spy because I cry

For the suffering of “the other side”

The Mediterranean now a deadly moat

Our fortress Europe

An arc that offers no hope

All would chose to live, not die

Yet here we also decide

To kill or let them die to survive

To end their suffering is the charity of the west

Eradication is for their best

Selfish, elitist, hateful, fearful

Our Fortress rots from within.

We are not better

True solidarity is the only medicine

Comrade BJ Treglown

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