Tolpuddle Festival 2017

Glad you could make it… a great weekend of solidarity and unity of purpose highlighted by speeches by Francis O’Grady and Jeremy Corbyn calling on us to continue our mass challenge to austerity, the trade union bill, cuts in public services, zero-hour contracts, and fracking. Thanks to all comrades, from the district and beyond who helped out with banners, working on the stalls, handing out literature and, of course, The Morning Star. Especially glad to see Gloria resplendent in red jacket and trousers, an inspiration to us all.

 Party stall and Morning Star stall on Saturday morning

Listening to Jeremy Corbyn following the procession on Sunday afternoon, the crowd spread out from the Martyrs museum field and across the old A35.


 Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival Ode

I’m the only comrade in the village

The Tolpuddle Soviet am I

I meet under the tree

No one else there just me

‘Til the Tolpuddle Fest in July

I’m the only comrade in the village

But inspired by those martyrs I wait

When my comrades are here

One weekend of the year

We drink barrels of beer and feel great!

I’m the only comrade in the village

Dorset’s gentrified, countryside hell

Come by coach, train or car

I’ve got your Morning Star

And big comradely huggin’ as well!

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