“I Think of My Mother” Notes on the Life and Times of Claudia Jones Buzz Johnson 1985

The late Buzz Johnson founded Karia Press to promote progressive ideas from within the Afro-Caribbean community in Britain. Claudia Jones was born in Trinidad in 1915 and moved to Harlem as a child of 8 years old. She joined the Communist Party of the USA and was jailed under the notorious Smith Act. She was deported to the UK in 1956 where she joined the Communist Party and fought for workers’ women’s and black people’s rights. She died in 1964 and her ashes are buried close to Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate cemetery.

Perhaps rather than reviewing I’ll simply copy out the contents page. This should encourage you to buy this remarkable book. You can get copies at a reasonable price.

Part I. Biographical Notes

  1. Introducing Claudia Jones
  2. Claudia’s Early Years in the U.S.
  3. The Late 1930’s and Early 40’s
  4. The Struggle Continues. the attacks begin 1945-48
  5. Arrest and Trial 1948-50
  6. Repression Continues: Arrest, Trial and Imprisonment 1951-55
  7. On the Campaign for Claudia’s Release
  8. On the Struggle to Remain and the Final Departure
  9. Claudia in Britain: the First Years
  10. Notes on the Independent Press in the Caribbean and Black Communities in Britain
  11. Claudia Jones in Britain: Struggles and Publishing
  12. Continuing Illness and Death

Part II. Some Writings by Claudia Jones

  1. The Young Douglas (about Frederick Douglass b 1858)
  2. An End to the Problems of Negro Women!
  3. Speech to the Court, February 1953
  4. I was Deported because I fought the Colour Bar
  5. Guyana Constitution Arbitrarily Ammended: P.P.P. Cheated
  6. The Caribbean Community in Britain
  7. Dr. Martin Luther King’s Warning

Part III. Tributes

  1. People’s of all Races pay Homage to Claudia Jones by Donald Hinds
  2. A Unique Personality by G Elias
  3. World Liberation Movement Loss by Raymond Kunene
  4. We Lost a Freedom Fighter by Lord Pitt
  5. She Fought Without Respite by D L Fitzpatrick
  6. A Tribute by Fenner Brockway
  7. 20th Century Harriet Tubman by W. Alphaeus Hutton
  8. A Vigorous and Courageous Leader by The Robesons
  9. A Fighter for the Cause by C.P. USA
  10. Tribute by the People’s Progressive Party
  11. Claudia Jones – 21 February 1915 – 25 December 1964 A Memorial Note by C.P. USA
  12. In Memory of Claudia Jones by Peter Blackman

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