17 July: Dorset rally for slavery justice! Time’s up, Mr Drax!

Join Stand Up to Racism Dorset and local and national trades unions in a family friendly march to the gates of Richard Drax MP’s family estate.
MEET AT: Winterborne Zelson near World’s End pub, postcode DT11 9EW on the fork of the B3075.
SIGN: Open letter in discussion and petition also in discussion.
BACKGROUND: As well as owning 15,000 acres of Dorset, Mr Drax’s family owns a 621 acre sugar plantation in Barbados that was created in the 1600s and used slave labour for over 200 years.
The Caricom Reparations Committee (CRC) that represents countries across the Caribbean has called on Mr Drax to take moral leadership by handing over the estate to the communities of Barbados to support the descendants of the families brought to the island against their will.
Join us in a march to ask the South Dorset MP to do the decent thing.
Stand Up to Racism Dorset, the CRC and trades unions say, “Time’s up, Mr Drax!”