Online public meeting: 13 October 2021 – The Future of Work

Public meeting – Wednesday 13 October, 2021 at 7.00pm

“The Future of Work”: Organising To Change The New Normal

The crisis of capitalism, with decades of neo-liberal policy, privatisation, deregulation and austerity, have taken their toll. At the same time, increasing insecurity in employment and low pay are seen as unacceptable, as public attitudes towards the role of workers, Trades Unions and state intervention, have shifted significantly post-Covid. In many ways, the opportunities for collective fight-back, securing progressive alliances and campaigning across multiple fronts, has never been greater.

Join us for a round-table discussion on the world of work today to explore:

the challenge of effective organisation in the workplace
the critical struggles facing the working class at a time of resurgent unemployment, attacks on workers rights and public services
the fight for a just transition of the economy

We will be joined by invited guests:

Andrew Maybury. Independent researcher in labour process and technology, and Greater Midlands chair of the Communist Party
Matt Tipper. Regional Coordinating Officer, Unite
Ruth Amias. Trades Union and Labour Party activist in Stroud
Nathan Russell. Software engineer, member of Unite South West Graphical, Paper, Media & IT and member of the Communist Party’s Future of Work Commission
Hugh Kirkbride. Bristol Trades Council and member of the Communist Party’s Future of Work Commission

All welcome. Free Registration: Eventbrite link