CPB statement on the death of the Queen

DEATH OF THE QUEEN – Statement by the Communist Party of Britain.

Elizabeth Windsor has died leaving the kingdom she ruled over poorer, with greater disparities in wealth and income, obscene profiteering and tax evasion (which her monarchy knows lots about) and with its aggressive imperialist activities in full flow, including a proxy war in Europe.

The failures of the monarchy as an institution are knitted into its very fabric and it has played a role in empire and class rule and as an active agent of the capitalist class for centuries.

For this reason it is an obstacle to progress and a ‘society of equals’, where every citizen is valued and has the opportunity to play an active role in building communities and society. We call this socialism.
Although their voice will be silenced over coming days, in time the many millions of working class people who want to see a Republic will become apparent.

The Communist Party – in its programme ‘Britain’s Road to Socialism’ – asserts, “Popular sovereignty means the sovereignty of the people and their elected representatives in parliaments, governments and mass movements. This requires the abolition of all powers and institutions relating to the monarchy, including such posts as head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, together with the royal prerogative, the Privy Council and similarly unaccountable offices of state. “