The Labour & Progressive Movements

Which forces in society can be mobilised to resist the policies of state-monopoly capitalism? Which can be won for far-reaching change and socialism?

Any serious strategy for socialist revolution in Britain must identify such forces at each stage of the process, developing policies that meet people’s interests and make inroads into capitalist power. The aim must be to maximise the forces for progress and socialist revolution, and minimise those in opposition.

Different classes and sections of society have their own reasons for challenging aspects of monopoly capitalism, even if they do not understand their situation in political or ideological terms. The point is that they share a common enemy which exploits workers here and abroad, oppresses large sections of society, strives constantly to roll back democratic rights, blocks progress on every front, generates militarism and war, and now threatens the viability of our planet.

This enemy, monopoly capitalism, will have to be overthrown because it cannot be fundamentally reformed.

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