Statement from the Communist Party.

‘GENERAL ELECTION AND LABOUR VICTORY NOW URGENT’ SAY COMMUNISTS – The labour movement must unite on a credible, principled basis if it is not to throw away the prospect of winning a Labour government, Britain’s Communists have warned.
  Carol Stavris told the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday evening (June 5) that powerful forces in British society were determined to prevent the election of a left government led by Jeremy Corbyn.
  The CP women’s organiser pointed to mounting pressures to ditch Corbyn and left policies so that Labour can return to the pro-austerity, pro-big business, pro-EU and pro-NATO consensus of recent Tory-LibDem-New Labour regimes.
  ‘The priorities of the ruling class are to restore unity and direction in the Conservative Party while keeping Britain aligned as closely as possible with the neoliberal rules of the EU Single Market’, she reckoned.
  ‘But the Tory government’s failure to safeguard strategic industries such as steel and motor manufacturing and the impact of its policies on poverty, crime, housing, education, the NHS and local public services underline the urgent need for a General Election’.
  Ms Stavris recalled that ‘over forty years of EU rules against state aid and capital or import controls have not protected any of our core industries from the ravages of the capitalist “free market”‘.    
  ‘Nevertheless, Tory disarray is now the labour movement’s opportunity’, she declared, urging trades unions and the left to press for a successful ‘no confidence’ vote in the House of Commons so that an immediate election can take place.
  Britain’s Communist Party also highlighted the danger to Labour’s election prospects posed by Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party, the LibDems, the Greens and the SNP.
  ‘The convulsions of the ruling class in its efforts to dilute or reverse the result of the 2016 EU referendum have pumped new life into Farage and his latest pet political project’, Carol Stavris insisted, ‘while defections to the LibDems and Greens will accomplish nothing except a General Election victory for the Tory and Brexit Party right’.  

  The CP political committee therefore urged the labour, left and progressive movements to unite in a ‘popular left front’ for an end to austerity and privatisation, an immediate General Election, Labour to victory on a post-Brexit left manifesto, no second EU referendum and radical action to halt global warming.
  The CP leadership also welcomed recent Extinction Rebellion and People’s Assembly mobilisations, congratulated party members for their ‘widespread and enthusiastic campaigning’ for a ‘People’s Boycott’ of the EU elections and looked forward to the announcement of further growth in CP membership when the party’s executive committee meets on June 15-16.