YCL Statement on US Provocation in the Middle East

The International Committee of the Young Communist League has issued the following statement denouncing the imperialist provocation by the United States against Iran.

The Young Communist League condemns the (3 January 2020) reckless act of aggression towards Iran by the imperialist US government. The extra-judicial killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad, a gross violation of Iraqi sovereignty, has already sent shockwaves throughout the world. Less than a decade since millions protested against the Iraq War, this irresponsible act may have devastating repercussions for the peoples of the Middle East and beyond.

Donald Trump has attempted to present the assassination as a form of pre-emptive ‘self-defence’ despite the attack taking place in Iraqi territory, thousands of miles from the US. The Iranian regime have instantly expressed their outrage at the action and are seeking ‘harsh vengeance’. The scope for spiralling escalation and war is clear.

This attack is another in a long history of efforts by US imperialism to dominate the Middle East and dictate the fate and lives of the peoples of the region. The US, along with its puppets Israel and Saudi Arabia, have long used sabre-rattling over Iran as smoke-screen for their efforts to dominate Middle East oil and trade routes. The timing of this attack also suggests Trump may be trying to distract from his impeachment at home, gambling with millions of human lives in the process.

While we have no sympathy with the theocratic and anti-worker Iranian regime, all socialists, democrats and trade unionists in Britain must fight against any attempts by the US and NATO to drag us into yet another catastrophic war where innocent people are always the victims. The left and labour movement must place all possible pressure on the British government to avoid any involvement in this conflict and to work for peace and de-escalation.

We demand that the British Government condemns US actions and commits to withdrawing British troops from the Middle East.

Working people in Britain have more in common with the workers of other nations than our own ruling class. We have nothing to gain from US plans in the Middle East.

We must resist US-EU-NATO imperialism and struggle for peace by all means necessary.

For lasting peace, for a future of cooperation and progress for all, join the struggle for socialism.

No to imperialism and war!

Yes to peace and sovereignty!

In comradeship

international Committee
Young Communist League