We salute the Colston Four!

We Communists in SW England & Cornwall salute the Colston Four and congratulate the jury who found them not guilty of criminal damage. We say, you have made history! We say, removing an obscenity is not a crime, it is a public service!

Society puts up statues to honour people and make them role models for future generations to follow. Edward Colston made himself very wealthy through the enslavement of African people and hence deserves no such honour. Nor can he be a role model.

Why should black people, including the descendants of his victims, have to see his statue every time they pass by? Why should racists be allowed the satisfaction and encouragement of seeing him honoured by the continued presence of the statue? Why wasn’t the statue taken down by the authorities years ago?

The toppling of the statue and the verdict of the jury are being celebrated all round the world as a victory in the fight against racism. It is also a vindication of Britain’s jury system, which must be defended.

This victory is a defeat and an embarrassment for the Tory government and the whole political establishment. They will not forget it, and nor should we!
Ken Keable, District Secretary.