No More Attacks on Syria Demo, Bournemouth, 14th April

Bournemouth Square Demo and Petition Signing. ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’
The Dorset People’s Assembly together with Stop the War Coalition Bournemouth are calling an emergency demo this Saturday in Bournemouth. We need to give a clear message to our government that we do not want further military intervention in Syria. Please join us with your placards and banners.

We will have with us the Stop the War Coalition petiton which reads:

‘We oppose calls for further escalation of military intervention in Syria. Any western attack would lead to more death and destruction and would deepen the misery of the Syrian people. It would prolong the cycle of violence and risk direct confrontation between the great powers. The only solution in Syria is an end to all foreign intervention, a ceasefire on all sides and a political settlement’.

Please also promote the online lobbying tool: